"The lines of the hand act as a sort of circuit board of the brain. Neurosurgeons tell us that these lines are caused by nerve endings in the palm. These nerves stem from the middle brain, where the two hemispheres join. Therefore, every thought you have, conscious and unconscious, is reflected in some way on your hand." -Jon Saint-Germain, Karmic Palmistry 

Palmistry is a study that can be separated into two parts: Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy. Cheirognomy studies the hand in regards to its shape, size, fingers, nails, and hairs. Cheiromancy studies the lines of the hand. Whether practiced separately or together, both studies can be profoundly insightful in the same ways one might seek knowledge through learning their personality type, enneagram numbers, or natal chart. 

I have known, generally, how to read palms since I was a small child. My grandmother taught me. I have been studying and practicing palmistry further since 2014. 


General Reading $20

In general readings I will use cheirognomy to learn about aspects of your character and your general disposition. This will include the study of your dominant hand and its specific shape, size, texture, temperature, nails, and hair. This reading will be more like a personality reading and will give no insight into the details and events of your life. 

With this reading you will receive images of all of my written notes regarding your palm, as well as an email in which I will provide a full written transcript of your reading. 

The Twin Sciences Reading $40

In this reading I will apply both Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy. In this study we will learn about aspects of your character and general disposition, as well as detailed insights about life events (past, present and maybe future). This reading will also include a look at both hands in which we will learn about your character as you entered this lifetime (found on your passive hand) and the changes you've made so far (found on your dominant hand). 

With this reading you will receive images of all of my written notes regarding palms, as well as an email in which I will provide a full written transcript of your reading. 

What I will need from you

I will need highly detailed photographs of your hands. For a General Reading we will just need images of your dominant hand, and for the Twin Sciences Reading we will need images of both. High quality DSLR photos are welcome, as are most images shot with a phone. Please be sure the lighting is good. No flash photos. 

 Below are examples of the images I will need from you. Make sure to provide all angles given in the examples. 

Along with images, please give any textural information about your hands that I wont be able to spot through a photograph. This would include things like general temperature, roughness or softness, sweat, etc. 


How you pay/where we go from here

Simply fill out the contact form below by filling in the subject line as, "Palm Reading," and let me know which reading you would like to receive. You may also share any questions, comments, or concerns here. 

I will reply with an e-mail sharing my PayPal info and directions on how to pay. After you've paid, you are welcome to send the images and we will begin. Most readings take me much of the day, as I'm reading you and writing out notes and transcripts. Transcripts can take me hours to write, as I'm basically writing a small essay about the information that appears on your hands. Therefore, I do ask you wait at least a week to receive your reading. If lead times lengthen due to life (you know, work, family, the unexpected), you will be properly notified. 

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